Exam Prep Orientation and Informational Seminar
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Course Description:

Not being offered at this time

The Education Fund is making arrangements to sponsor an exam prep program for both  the Administrative Manager and Principal Administrative Associate titles.  The tests are scheduled to open for filing in 2015.

The Education Committee is making arrangements for the Exam Prep Orientation and Informational Seminar to be offered on weekday evenings and Saturdays at 6 Harrison Street, New York, NY  10013.

For members who plan to study on their own, study material, in-class exercises and answers will be available online.  However, an 1180 Online Account is required to retrieve and download the documents.

The ten-hour workshop will assist us in determining the number of members taking which exam, the amount of space required, the amount of supplies to purchase, and the number of instructors required to cover the classes. 

The workshop will consist of in-class refresher exercises on punctuation, confused and abused words, fractions, decimals, Mayor's Executive Order 16, NYS Civil Service Law-Recruitment of Personnel, test-taking techniques, and exam strategies.

Refundable Deposit: $0